Freedom is just that – being able to have your puppy or dog off leash, and have 100% recall. With Freedom Puppy Dog Program, you can take them hiking, swimming, or a bike trail, without worry that your best friend will be right by your side.

This program is a remote collar training program.

  • Remote Collar Training for pet parents
  • Commands 7: Sit, Place, Look, Come, Heel 1, Heel 2
  • Behavioral commands 3: Leave it, Off, Quiet
  • 7 in-home private sessions
  • All Preventive Behavioral Issues will be addressed
  • Training Collar will be introduce to Puppy Dog at this stage of
  • Lifetime Social Meet-ups
  • Remote Collar
  • Training Collar
  • Place Cot

When you finish freedom you will have a Puppy Dog you will trust to be off leash anywhere. You’ll have learned how to solve any unwanted behavior, and it should be especially considered for every dog owner that wants their dog to freely be themselves with no leash to hold them back.